Morenasso (Luanda, Angola)

After going through the stages of the world has the same side of the group “Kassav ‘”, he has already danced, he was one of the dancers in the opening of the Creole night 30 years Kasav. it is today thanks his keen artistic sense and his dance teacher qualities Morenasso continues its course without fault in the closed circle of professional dancers.

But who is really Morenasso Sensualonda?

A native of Luanda in Angola, he will make his first steps in the dance through traditional dances from Africa. He does not know it yet, but this experience will change his life. Morenasso will discover an immoderate taste for ethnic dances, he will discover a sense of innate rhythm and gain control of his body that will make a difference in the castings which he will attend.

Tough, he is able to work for hours to finalize its choreography. Would it be a perfectionist? Of course not, it’s worse than that!

Today Morenasso is an artist (recognized in the world of Kizomba, he is one of the worthy representatives in Paris, where he keeps his art to convey to fans of the Kizomba. Generous and enthusiastic motivating, human qualities are not left out and make him an endearing personality. Let’s bet that after taking a dance class with Morenasso … you will not be dancing in the same way Kizomba !!!

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