Nemanja Sonero


Nemanja Sonero is known as one of the most versatile and famous dancers from South east Europe. Since the young age he did capoeira, Afro, Afro-Brasilian & Afro-Cuban folk and modern dances, hip hop, tango, classical & modern ballet, as well as contemporary dances, etc. The first time he saw semba dance and music was in 2004 with his friends from the Angolan embassy, and then in 2007 was his first contact with kizomba. With time he was able to have lessons with many different teachers from Angola, Cape Verde, Portugal, who influenced and motivated him to develop his own unique smooth and precise style, which got him well-known all over Europe and the world. For over a decade Nemanja has been organizing, teaching, performing, DJ-ing at Afro & Latin events and festivals in his country Serbia, also in Estonia where he lives now, and all over the world.

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