Curtis Seldon & Carola Tauler


Born in Congo on June 21, 1986, Curtis arrived in France at the age of 3. He grew up in a festive world, rich in music and dance. His father was a producer who worked with many African artists such as Papa Wemba, Geo Bilango, etc …

Passionate, creative and ambitious, Curtis pursued his dreams in the arts. The creation of his label “CHANGEMYLIFERECORDS” was the springboard of his work and allowed him to work with multiple renowned artists.

In 1998, Curtis was discovered by soccer recruiters, and had the honor to join a club in Portugal. However, a year later, the young man will end his athletic career and pursue his passion for music. The technical footwork he acquired during that time will prove to be an asset thereafter.

In 2011, Curtis discovered Kizomba which will become his passion. He left everything to pursue his passion and devoted his body and soul to his craft with his partner, Chérazad. They were very happy to see their show at the “Sensual Madrid 2011″.

Curtis is always looking for new experiences… He has participated in many Kizomba and Semba international competitions such as”AFRICADANCAR 2012″ where he qualified in the semi-final with Monika. They represented France at the final in Portugal.

Curtis Seldon has now become one of the best international teachers of Kizomba and Semba. His impeccable teaching method has brought a lot to the Kizomba world. He is one of the few teachers in the world to master both Kizomba and Semba. Curtis is a globe trotter, he travels countries and cities to share his passion with everyone.

As a producer, Dina Mendes is one of his biggest success. Currently, Dina is one his most requested artist thanks to her track “I want it” featuring Mika Mendes.

Carola Tauler born in Madrid, she began her studies in classical dance with only 3 years at school « Africa Guzman » with the teacher Mª Europa Guzman, acquired in 96 the title of the Royal Conservatory of Classical Dance (Madrid) and the Royal Academy of Dancing (London). She completed her training with classes in contemporary, modern jazz, hip hop and Latin rhythms in Madrid and Florence (Italy). She has taken part in musicals like « Grease », « Dirty dancing », « Flash dance », « Cassiopeia » Viva la resistencia »and « Los 40 el musical « , during 8 years she belonged to the ballet group of the TV program » Noche Sensacional « . She also participated as a soloist in the opera « La Traviata » with the Symphony Orchestra of Kiev. Currently part of the cast of the television series « Dreamland » and teaches nationally and internationally kizomba with Albir Rojas.

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