Afrolatin Connection


Afro-Latin dance company founded in September 2005. Paula Loureiro and Ricardo Sousa, its artistic directors, choreographers and dancers, have danced together since 2000. The company is currently made up of 8 dancers. Due to wide knowledge and diverse training they acquired along the years, their show is a unique mixture of different styles of dance. In 2007 and 2008, they won the title of the best Portuguese teachers. In 2009, they won in the category of best Portuguese Show at the Top Dance Awards and were nominated for best choreographers at the Portugal Dance Awards in the world dances category. They are also official judges of the international kizomba competition “Africadançar”.

In terms of dance and their aggregate terms, our teaching method is based on the structure of the different steps at different levels of learning, so that teaching is carried out in a progressive, objective and consistent manner.

In terms of the structure of classes, they have an extremely varied nature with specific activities directly related to the objectives of the class, always looking for the student to learn as much as possible in a relaxed manner, effective and fun.

The dance school, while having established roots in Porto, moved to Vila Nova de Gaia in September 2010, where he is currently based – ALC Dance Gaia. In 2015, celebrating 10 years of existence, the ALC Dance Studios, expands the number of schools taking dance to more people. The year began with the opening of the ALC Dance Braga in the Minho capital and ended with the opening of the ALC Dance Porto Baixa, city where it all began.

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